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Italo And Dance Eightie's Music.

In the years of the eightie's Italo and Dance music has a big population and a very famous time; At the end of the nineties it will be slowly sleep well, "time change named ", but people remember always that good time's.

Now when we stay in the twenty one century it wakes up. So we must open some archives for make old stories true ... do you like it....... ? Say yes and become a member of our Facebook Blog..........
FaceBook Blog, all internet opensource compilations in this group are not for selling but only for commercial !!! . read more

In de tachtiger jaren was Italo en Dance muziek erg populair en men beleefde hierdoor een spannende tijd. Aan het eind van de negentiger jaren nam de animo drastig af, dit had zijn redenen "tijden veranderen" doch deze bleven altijd in herinnering.

Nu we in de twintigste eeuw zitten, beleefd de Italo en dance muziek een come back, enige archieven moeten we hiervoor openen "Wil je dit ook" maak je zelf lid van onze Facebook Blog.

Italo, Dance and SpaceSynth Radio-stations

Radio Atlantis programming:
Every day nonstop from our own Radio Atlantis 16Terrabyte Dbase " The newest" " The best" and " The oldest" in High Quality 320Kb streaming format......
Friday evening: 18:00-00:00 Live nonstop and all the best from Fantasy Radio.
Saterday: 18:00-21:00 All the best from Fantasy Radio.
Saterday: 21:00-23:00 Live trendFM.
Sunday: 17:00-00:00 Douch Co & Sunday Night Live show Live from Radio Stad DenHaag.
Monday: 18:00-23:00 Soul show, Free wheel & I Venti d'Azzurro Live show from Radio Stad DenHaag.
Tuesday: 20:00-22:00 Frank van Keulen Live show from HitRadioCentraal DenHaag.
Wednesday: 19:00-11:00 Ron de La Punta & Gianni Dj. best mixes from Dizgo Radio Maasdijk

Thursday: 19:00-11:00 Condor's Gelato show & Dj Mario Suprise show from Dizgo Radio Maasdijk

Every night between 01:00 - 03:00 live from the Buddha-Bar Monte - Carlo  exclusivio passion i Wan't You, I Need You Relax music at mid Night from Radio Monte Carlo.






Radio Atlantis > 320Kb <

Italo Dance - Old Skool & Space Synth radio.

Radio Atlantis  


DizgoRadio >320Kb<

Italo and Dance radio.



Radio Station iedere dag lekker.


Penelope Radio

Haagse zender uit de jaren 80.
Penelope Radio



The radio for the Synth lovers.



Radio Atlantis Rotterdam

De Hardnekkige Doorbijter !
Radio Atlantis Rotterdam




Fantasy radio

Italo Dance Classics.
Fantasy Radio


Radio Staddenhaag. Haagse vrije Radio.
Radio Staddenhaag   




Feel the balance.


Cool Dance Radio

Feel The Beats.



Dordrechts RadioStation.


HitRadioCentraal Denhaag

Haagse Radio.
HitRadioCentraal DenHaag



Italo radiostation.


News & Events

17.12.2016 I Venti Records
I-Venti Records the reloaded Italo on Vinyl and More
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01.01.2017 Rhythm Import Italo special for Vinyl & 12inch Import
heropende Rhythm Import de 12 inch Vinyl en Import Italo records in de Nieuwstraat Den Haag.(Centrum t.o.v de Grote Kerk)
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Bordello A Parigi
Bordello A Parigi Shop in Amsterdam voor the perfecte Italo and more.
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Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo: Papadia Donato, aka DJ Papa, is the bar’s other star resident
Open Tuesday till Saturday From 6pm to 2am.
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ItaloParty mijn torpedoloods stationsweg 43 Hoek van Holland.
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